Guerrilla Games Confirms Online Horizon Game With Business Opportunities Gaming News

Guerrilla Games confirmed in a recent tweet that they are working on an online game set in the Horizon universe. There have been rumors about an online Horizon game for some time, but this is the first time the Dutch developer has acknowledged its existence.

In the a call Of the new hires, Guerrilla wrote, “A new internal team is developing an online standalone project set in the Horizon universe. The game features new characters and a unique look for friends to explore the majestic wilderness of Horizon together.” A variety of new developers are being sought for the game, including programmers, map designers, and story writers.

The Amsterdam-based gaming company is looking for people for other projects. In addition to the online project, the tweet also confirms the existence of an “external project” and a single-player project. About the latter, Guerilla says, “We’ll continue to create epic solo adventures for Aloy.”

There are currently rumors about each of these projects, depending on how you interpret Guerrilla’s descriptions. So there will be one PS5 remaster of Zero Dawn to work. The same article speculates about a possible job-based Horizon online game, although the job descriptions are very general. In retrospect, this has turned out to be a good indication of the Dutch developer’s plans. At the same time it will be an independent publisher and developer NCSoft has an occasional MMO game Horizon works. It’s not clear if this is the overseas project Guerrilla is talking about.

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