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Instagram has added a new feature that will help users if their account has been hacked. The platform also says it is working on new measures to counter fake accounts and accounts that appear as someone else.

Instagram writes in a blog post That hacked users functionality is available in the app and Desktop version. The user is presented with several options, including the option that the login code is sent to a mobile phone number or email address that is not the user’s. Once the problem is identified, the user can follow a series of steps that should allow him to regain access to his account.

One of the methods that can be used to verify that the account actually belongs to the user is to have two Instagram friends verify the identity. Instagram tested this feature earlier this year and it’s now available to everyone. Friends are given 24 hours to respond to the request. If they do, the user can set a new password.

Instagram will also test a feature that will warn when an account is impersonating someone else and send the user a follow request. In the coming months, Instagram will also start sending alerts to those who receive a personal message from an account that may pretend to be a business. In addition, the blue badge of verified accounts can be seen in more places. In addition to profiles, users now also see the badge in stories and personal messages. Soon the badge will also appear in the feed. Instagram says this helps users know if the account they’re interacting with is real.

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