“Great, that would have been a logical choice!”

“Great, that would have been a logical choice!”

Sportscaster Helen Hendricks started her new show last weekend Orange Sunday, where she works with Rutger Castricum as a sidekick. In the past, Jack Van Gelder has also appeared as a sidekick alongside Hendrix on the broadcaster's programmes, but for… Orange Sunday This role is reserved only for Castricum. An eye-catching choice, says media expert Victor Flamm.

Hendricks and Castricum have worked on the program in the past Orange summer/orange winter They succeeded together, but the same goes for Hendrix and Van Gelder. Had the latter become Hendrix's permanent sidekick, SBS would have made a more logical choice in Flamm's eyes. According to the media expert, Van Gelder, a former sports journalist and football commentator, will fit in well at the weekend: “Sunday is the day when there is a lot of football news, which is also discussed extensively in this talk.” The show. Jack Van Gelder has worked at Studio Voetbal for many years. He presented and was a commentator on all kinds of football matches,” Flamm points out in the podcast From Communicado.

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According to the journalist, it would have made sense if Van Gelder, with his football knowledge, had been placed next to Hendriks for Castricum: “I find it remarkable that they did not choose Jack, because it would have been more logical to make him ask for it.” At the same time I think there is a reason for that. ,” notes Flamm. Van Gelder’s age (73) is believed to play a role in Talpa’s considerations.

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Flamm continues: “John De Mol sees this program as the future. Van Gelder has one major flaw, which is that he is roughly the same age as Johan Dirksen. If you see this program as the future, you don't want to be that.” Stuck with another friend in his mid-70s. Then you would prefer someone younger,” says Flamm, who believes this was a big reason the former sports journalist was dropped as a permanent sidekick on the show. Orange Sunday.

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