Gravity Active Entertainment will acquire the franchise in the Netherlands - De Nationale Franchise Gids

Gravity Active Entertainment will acquire the franchise in the Netherlands – De Nationale Franchise Gids

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The international entertainment formula Gravity Active Entertainment wants to expand through the franchise. For this, the company is looking for entrepreneurs who want to open a franchise branch. Gravity focuses on offering a fun indoor play paradise.

Gravity Active Entertainment is a new concept that comes from the United Kingdom. You can go there for many fun indoor activities. The company was founded in 2014 and has received more than 3,000,000 visitors to this day. They offer an indoor playground for both kids and adults. Examples of the facilities available include Trampolines, E-Karting, Aerial Adventure, Urban Climbing, Laser Gaming, VR, Wipe Out, Ninja Run, Immersive Bowling and many more. The goal of Gravity is to prepare the mobile facilities as closely as possible and thus offer a unique customer experience. Unlike other suppliers in the market, Gravity establishes itself in malls and city centers, ensuring a lot of visitors. The size of the indoor spaces ranges from 2000 to 5000 square meters.

Support possibility

Currently there are 13 locations in the UK, one in Germany and a major franchise in Saudi Arabia. There is growth ambition to expand to 100 regions. The company currently focuses on the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy.
Due to Gravity’s international success, many owners and real estate agents are excited to work with the brand. Gravity can also help fund projects up to € 2.5 million to support startup.

“At Gravity, we believe it is important to provide our franchisees with all the tools, assistance and ongoing support they need. A spokesperson for Gravity said, ‘It’s very simple – if our franchisees succeed, then the company as a whole will succeed too.

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Gravity Active Entertainment is looking for two candidates

Gravity is looking for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands who want to work together to build the brand here. They are looking for people with a positive business attitude who are experienced in customer contact, personnel management and sales. Experience in hospitality, catering and entertainment is an advantage.

A Gravity spokesperson said, “We can leverage Gravity’s expertise and learning curve to speed implementation and avoid unnecessary costs and delays.”

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur at Gravity Active Entertainment?

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