This one’s hot: Paris Hilton turns 40 and we’re looking back

This one’s hot: Paris Hilton turns 40 and we’re looking back

1. The famous sex tape

In 2003, Paris came into the picture – literally. The sex tape that she made with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon in 2001 was distributed over the internet that year. by One night in ParisThe, as the infamous video is called, became world famous in one fell swoop. It turns out that the scandal was the beginning of her career.

2. Simple life

Along with fellow socialite Nicole Richie, Paris created the reality show Simple life coming. In this chain, the spoiled ladies have done all kinds of odd jobs on farms, cleaning hotel rooms, and working in fast food restaurants. It turns out the two hold gold in their hands and have made a total of five seasons of the reality show.

3. The stars are blind

Paris is an ambitious person who wanted to prove that he is home in all markets. So she decided to record an aptly titled music album Paris. The CD didn’t really praise the critics, but it was a hit. This is mainly due to the single “Stars Are Blind,” which has been well received by music critics as well. In the Netherlands, the song managed to reach the top 20 songs, as well as in the United States.

4. Filmster on the side

At the height of her fame, Paris tried to become a star on the silver screen. Yet some bit parts in movies like Hills at Helen raised It’s time for the real thing. Paris got one of the main roles in the horror film House wax. The 2005 movie wasn’t a great movie, but it definitely wasn’t bad either. In the end, he managed to make just under $ 70 million. With Hottie and Naughty Paris tried to break the pots again in 2008, but that didn’t work.

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5. My new BFF

Her busy schedule made it difficult for Paris to invest time in new friendships. MTV came to her aid and together they started a reality show My new BFF. As the title suggests, Paris went looking for a new best friend. In the end I found her twice in America, once in the UK and again in the UAE. It is not known if she is still in contact with her four new friends.

6. Stupid blonde?

It created the image Paris has built for the past eighteen years. At least, that’s what she claimed in her latest YouTube documentary This is Paris. In this I let her know that she is not a “stupid blonde”, but that she is very smart. The businesswoman built an entire empire and was valued at $ 300 million. This is partly due to her TV deals, but also thanks to her many perfume and clothing brands, her DJ career and countless other companies.

Cooking is one of her interests, and Paris is happy to share what she can do in this area, as can be seen in the video below.

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