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Google makes the new interface to disable Gmail. At the beginning of February, business users have already been transferred and from now on the modification will be implemented for more users. It is still possible to go back to the old interface via settings.

Google activates the new design For some Gmail users in the near future. All users can already try out the new interface if they so choose.

In February, Google has already created the new interface Unsubscribe for business users† The same is now happening to a larger group, including personal accounts. In February, Google said that it would not be possible to return to the old interface after June, but the company is back again. It is not known until when the old interface will remain an option.

New Gmail interface

The switch to the new interface is being rolled out in stages, so not all users will see it right away. Google says it monitors how users experience the interface and is listening for feedback.

The redesigned Gmail interface includes a bar on the left to switch between Gmail, Chat, and Meet. According to Google, these options depend on the version of Workspace used. Users who only use Gmail will not get this bar. Also, there is an option in the quick settings that allows users to disable mentions to Chat and Meet in the interface.

New barless Gmail interface with Chat and Meet
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