Good weather on Mount Everest and the records are raining

Good weather on Mount Everest and the records are raining

Several records were broken on Mount Everest last week, a Hong Kong woman climbed the tallest mountain in the world in less than 26 hours, making her the fastest woman ever. The Chinese man was the first blind Asian to conquer the 8,849-meter mountain, and the record for the oldest American was also broken.

After the mountain in the Himalayas was closed due to the Coronavirus last year, climbers were allowed to return this spring. There may be only a few days left with favorable weather conditions this year, and hundreds of mountain climbers were on the edge of the mountain last week.

According to the Associated Press, this has caused Everest to get crowded again. Two years ago, one picture led Traffic jam from two hundred climbers To anger. Delay puts them at greater risk of frostbite and altitude sickness. Seven climbers died at that time.


Cang Yen Hoon was lucky that she did not end up in such a crowd. The 45-year-old teacher from Hong Kong encountered only incoming climbers, and they cause far less delay than his peers who head the same way. As a result, I was able to reach the top in 25 hours and 50 minutes.

On May 11 it had almost reached the summit, but then had to return due to bad weather. “You can’t get to the top with your own skills and team spirit,” she said after her successful attempt. “I think luck is very important.”

More records

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Chinese history lists Zhang Hong as the first blind man from Asia to invade Everest. It was preceded by two blind climbers from other parts of the world.

The 46-year-old was terrified of climbing. “I couldn’t see where I was walking and struggled to keep my balance, so I fell a few times.”

The record for the oldest American has also been set on the summit of Everest. 75-year-old Arthur Muir broke the record for 67-year-old Bill Burke.

Base camp outbreak

Coronavirus continues to have a major impact this climbing season. For example, dozens and possibly hundreds of mountain climbers were injured in the base camp. So three groups canceled their attempt, but the other 41 campaigns continued.

You can usually climb Mount Everest from Nepal and China. After casualties in the main camp, China decided to close this side of the mountain.

Due to the outbreak at the base camp, a portion of the camp has been cordoned off:

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