Glory suspends Jamal Ben Siddik for fifteen months after a doping violation |  Instagram

Glory suspends Jamal Ben Siddik for fifteen months after a doping violation | Instagram

Kickboxer Jamal Ben Sadik (32) has been suspended for fifteen months by the Glory kickboxing organization and removed from the heavyweight rankings. He has violated doping rules, is the conclusion of an investigation conducted with him in recent months. The fight he initially won against Benjamin Adegoye in August last year turned into a “no contest”.

Adegbuyi responded to the news this afternoon via social media. ,,Haters will always hate! Cheaters will always cheat! “

Last month it was announced that a jury trial was taking place against Benseddik and that “Goliath” would not fight any new fights until further notice. This came after the Moroccan-Belgian himself pressured Glory by saying he would retire if he didn’t fight before July. So the investigation of Ben Siddik was the reason for this.

It’s a mess in Glory’s heavyweight division, the most popular division. A nice poster between world champions Rico Verhoeven and Antonio Plazibat was fixed, but it had to be postponed until after the summer due to a serious injury to the king of kickboxing. So Ben Siddig has been suspended, and Alistair Overeem is awaiting the results of his B-sample, after he tested positive for doping after his victory over Badr Hari. Harry, in turn, said that he was seriously considering quitting kickboxing after that defeat.

Glory has a problem with doping, because Cihad Kepenek and Luis Tavares were recently suspended and removed from the rating by the organization. Another player who was scheduled to compete at Glory 83 this Saturday, Mohamed J.

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