Glory Launches Glr-200 Teller Cash Recyclers in North America – November 28, 2023 at 3:00 pm

Glory Launches Glr-200 Teller Cash Recyclers in North America – November 28, 2023 at 3:00 pm

Glory has announced the latest solution in the new GLR series of counter cash recyclers (TCRs), the GLR-200. Building on the successful launch of the GLR-100 last August, this TCR provides financial institutions with speed, efficiency and cash automation, capable of handling paper and polymer currency in the US and Canada. With multiple storage configurations, the GLR-200 supports customer issuance and deposit transactions of any value or denomination, as well as currency transactions.

A choice of storage configurations and options means the GLR-200 can meet any cash handling requirement specific to a financial institution, while adhering to cash handling regulations for unfit and counterfeit notes. As new branching concepts evolve, both the GLR-100 and GLR-200 are designed for locations where space is at a premium. By automating cash handling at the cashier level, cashiers can focus fully on customers and facilitate self-service cash transactions.

In financial institutions where TCRs have been established, the operation achieves positive results: improving employee performance, ensuring accuracy, increasing the speed of cash management and achieving efficiency gains. The new GLR Series fits seamlessly with Glory’s secure, cloud-based UBIQULAR solution, which provides advanced business intelligence, remote monitoring and device management across the company’s branch network.

The combined capabilities of Glory TCRs and UBIQULAR provide a comprehensive cash management solution that achieves the highest operational efficiency across the organization.

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