Getting to Know the American Style Home: Definition of Characteristics

Getting to Know the American Style Home: Definition of Characteristics

Jakarta – For those who love to watch Hollywood movies, you are surely familiar with American style houses. Currently, American-style houses are often used as inspiration by developers in Indonesia.

Earlier, we discussed the uniqueness of houses in America, which have large yards, no fences, rooms and basements. Unfortunately, some of these features are limited for use in Indonesia.

Even so, houses in Indonesia have many characteristics of acceptable American-style houses. This is done by many developers. What are the characteristics of this American style house?

What is an American style home?

According to Bramble Journal, Wednesday (29/11/2023), the American-style house is an update of the classic European style. American style emphasizes simplicity without the use of intricate details, lots of carvings, and is synonymous with neutral colors.

In America itself, this style of house function focuses on the fireplace area. However, in other dwellings more emphasis is placed on features such as doors, roofs and windows.

American-style homes are often considered old-fashioned, but the design concept is widely applied to today’s homes. Because this style reflects luxury and elegance, but is easy to maintain and very flexible.

Characteristics of American style homes that you can exemplify

BTN Properti is launching on Wednesday (29/11/2023), here are the American style house properties you can apply for.

Cape coat style

The term gable code refers to an American-style house structure that is rectangular in shape with a steep roof and a low roof. Cape Cod was born in the 17th century and is still used in American homes today. In America itself, this cob code involves adding a chimney in the middle of the house and a model half a story high.

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Using a gable roof

Gable roofs are used in American style houses. This type of roof consists of two sloping sides of the roof that come together in the middle. This type of roof is often stacked to create a different and unique look.

The dominant wall color is white

As explained, American style homes use neutral colors like white. White is used because it is a natural reflector of sunlight. Perfect for use in tropical countries like Indonesia, white gives a calm and minimalist look.

There is a lot of Windows

Windows are an important feature in American-style homes. The facade of an American-style house usually has many windows. Two large windows are usually placed on the right and left side of the door of the house. Subsequently, two more windows were added on the first floor. Then, five to six windows are arranged symmetrically on each floor.

American-style houses get enough sunlight and even air circulation through the use of lots of windows.

Using natural ingredients

Another characteristic of American style homes is the use of natural materials such as brick and wood. This natural material is used for indoor and outdoor areas. Bricks are commonly used for walls and house facades. Meanwhile, wood is used as a flooring material. This use of natural materials is classic American culture.

There is a decorative cornice

Finally, American-style houses are usually equipped with cornices or decorative moldings at the corners of walls or ceilings. Cornices give a beautiful look to the house and are often made with various beautiful carvings.

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These are the definitions and characteristics of American style houses that you can apply. I hope the information is useful!

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