Germany reacts strongly to the European plan to classify nuclear energy as “green”: “We do not see any approval of these proposals”

The German government is angry plans European Commission to award nuclear and gas a green sustainability label.

Saturday leaked Category For the European Commission’s Energy Sector in the German news agency DPA. She stated that the European Commission is ready to give a green label to investments in natural gas and nuclear energy projects, provided that certain conditions are met. For example, these initiatives must replace polluting coal-fired power plants and must obtain a building permit before 2045.

news site Politico It could also be on Friday Policy suggestion It stated that “it is necessary to recognize that the fossil gas and nuclear energy sectors can contribute to the decarbonization of the EU economy”.

“We don’t see any approval of these proposals.”

Germany, this past week Three of the six nuclear reactors have shut downNow, she is very much raising the European Commission’s proposal to label nuclear energy “green”.

Economy and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck and Environment Minister Stevie Lemke, both members of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, announced that Berlin would not support the European energy classification scheme.

EU countries and the European Parliament will still have the opportunity to comment on the draft policy and make suggestions before a final decision on the classification is made early this year.

However, Habek, who is also the vice-chancellor, appears already bent on the scheme. “This weakens the good label of sustainability. From our point of view, this addition to the rating rules was not necessary. We do not see any approval of the new proposals,” the German politician told the DPA. Finally, Habeck argued that it was doubtful that “this green washby the financial markets.

Critical low-carbon technology or “disruptive” and polluting?

German Environment Minister Steffi Lemke was also sharp in her criticism of the commission: “I think it is completely wrong for the European Commission to want to include nuclear energy in the EU’s classification of sustainable economic activities.” In her speech, she noted that nuclear energy could lead to “devastating environmental disasters” and “large amounts of dangerous radioactive waste.” Her response to the proposal was published by German media group Funke.

countries like France Poland strongly urges the inclusion of nuclear energy as a “green” or “transitional” addition to the European classification list. These EU members argue that nuclear power is an essential low-carbon technology that is needed if we are to secure the EU’s energy supply in the coming decades and switch to renewables.

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