Gerard Golling is on track to achieve his first success in ten years thanks to smart timing coverage |  Displays

Gerard Golling is on track to achieve his first success in ten years thanks to smart timing coverage | Displays

Singer Gerard Gulling (63 years old) is on his way to scoring a goal for the first time in ten years. His version of the Tom Manders classic Two moths It ranked first on the iTunes download list after he sang it on the most watched talk show in the Netherlands. Today inside. The song was also played three times on Radio 538 in just two hours, but there's more to it. The song also comes at a smart time.

Gerard Gulling has had quite a few successes in his long career, but most of them are no less than fifteen (Make me crazy(or even nearly forty years)Ticket to the tropics). His last success in the top 100 dates back to 2014, when he reached first place in the Dutch World Cup. Rio, Maywood's popular song from 1981. Although he is now better known as a television personality, he has always continued to release music. With little success, but that seems to be changing now.

He allowed him Two moths He performs in front of over a million viewers on Thursday Today inside Although he often performs there, his song is now No. 1 on the list of most downloaded songs in the country. It may be small concerts, but the song will be heard more in the near future on TV station TV Oranje and radio station RadioNL. I have channels Two moths He announced the Orange Crown and New Dutch respectively.

Ger pays 1000 euros

To make a real impact in the Top 100 and Top 40, Joling's fans will also have to start streaming. It's still too early for these numbers, because the song was released on Friday. Radio is also important and on Radio 538 the song appeared no less than three times in a short period of time on Friday afternoon and again tonight. Joling isn't usually played much at major stations, but this is a “sharp card” for good reason.

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Guleng was a guest on the channel on Friday morning to talk about the song and his promise One thousand euros for donation Every time the 538 plays the track. The proceeds are set to go to Jeroen van Veen, who will run an average of 10 kilometers every day for a year to raise money for the Princess Máxima Centre. Van Veen himself lost his 4-year-old son Casper last year to the consequences of a severe brain tumor.

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Smart timing

Where does this success for Joling suddenly come from? Yes, he has been appearing a lot in the media in recent weeks and is on the most watched program at the moment (The Masked Singer), but his recently released album This is me It wasn't really a hit. Joling is particularly clever, because the old version is over sixty years old Two moths It's become the last few weeks Another hit After young people discovered him via TikTok. The hype has not subsided yet and Joling's song can now also be used in videos.

Comedian Tom Manders' original version, sung by his character Doros, dates from 1957:

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