The James Bond producers didn't want to replace Paul McCartney at all

The James Bond producers didn’t want to replace Paul McCartney at all

The authors, Alan Cosin and Adrian Sinclair, are working on a book about “Mecca”. Alan tells the British newspaper Watchman He found correspondence in which the producers of “Live And Let Die” discuss the music for the 1973 film.

In the late 1970s, confusion arose over “Live And Let Die” when George Martin revealed in his autobiography that the producers asked him who should sing the song if he was playing the version sung by Paul McCartney. The former Beatle enters the years following the book’s publication All you need are ears Go back to the story several times.

According to Allan, it was clear from the start that McCartney would sing the title song. However, in a scene in the movie, the song will appear again. It was supposed to be broadcast in a nightclub and a singer had to be found for it. It is about this version that the producers want Martin’s advice, the author muses after reading the documents he found.

Live And Let Die is one of the most successful shows WarrantyEver Hits The song marked Paul McCartney’s final breakthrough as a solo artist in the United States.

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