Georgia Pride parade canceled after gay office stormed

Georgia Pride parade canceled after gay office stormed

The unrest in Tbilisi follows statements made by Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, who launched the so-called March of Dignity.inappropriateGaribashvili said the parade should not take place and he feared it could turn violent.

The news channel reported that the Georgian Ministry of Interior also said that the military parade was not allowed Mtvari channel قناة. The ministry pointed to the protests of opposition groups in the same neighborhood, which may lead to an escalation of the situation.

The LGBT community in Tbilisi has held several demonstrations since last Thursday. This immediately led to a lot of protests by far-right groups in Georgia. at launch, Twenty protesters Arrested by the police.

Back to the cars

Verhoeven was also present when the first Pride Gala was held in Tbilisi in 2019. He said earlier today in the interview, “It has already been postponed several times. I went back to Holland, when I came back I was contacted that it will happen now, three weeks later than planned for him”. Radio NOS 1 News.

Until then, it wasn’t long before the show was brazenly disrupted, according to Verhoeven by supporters of populist politicians, far-right groups and followers of the Orthodox Church. “We walked about 75 meters from the Ministry of Interior when we were attacked. We had to run to our cars and were driven for miles. We had to spend the rest of the day in a safe house.”

Verhoeven hoped the demonstration would go even better than it did in 2019. “Pride here has expanded greatly and has sought to cooperate with all kinds of social organisations. As a result, more people are expected to come and there is a feeling that the government is under pressure. Slightly larger to provide adequate security.”

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