Funk immediately jumps between Jantine and Gibby at the altar of Married at First Sight |  RTL Street

Funk immediately jumps between Jantine and Gibby at the altar of Married at First Sight | RTL Street

In the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Jantine (31) and Gibby (29) got married. Sparks flew from the first moment.

“You are very beautiful”

Gibby is a passionate businessman from Hengelo. He is looking for a beautiful woman with whom he can start a family. According to experts, social worker Jantine is the perfect lady for Gibby. Jantin's introverted nature meshes well with Gibby's extroverted personality.

The stress of the big day is very evident in the bride. “I find walking in the door the most exciting,” Jantine admits. Gibby, on the other hand, is not nervous. He even already knows how he'll approach the wedding night: “I've decided I'm going to sleep in bed tonight.” Jeppe has no plans to sleep on the couch in front of Jantine.

Carlo Bouchard decides to pay a surprise visit to Gibby before he goes to the altar. He brought the bride's sister, Marlos. This definitely puts some stress on my pocket. Marlos greatly admires her future son-in-law. “It's a lot of fun. I also think Jantine likes him very much,” Marlos says cheerfully to Carlo.

Then comes the big moment. Jantine has a big smile on her face when she sees Gibby standing in front of the altar. Gibby is also relieved to see his future wife. “You are so beautiful,” are the first words he says to Jantine. This breaks the ice.

The couple continues chatting happily. “You have the same color eyes,” Gibby notes. Jantine examined the baby photo that Gibby had given her very carefully. The blonde hair and eye color were not lost on Jantine: “If we have kids, it will look good.”

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Soraya, the wedding registrar, decides to boycott the two, because the wedding still needs to take place. During the party, Gibby and Jantin get to know each other a little. “Your love of food is something you have in common,” Soraya tells the bride and groom. Other similarities are that they are both true family members. The husband longs for “civilian life.”

However, Soraya still has an unpleasant message for Jantine. Sena the dog sometimes sleeps in my pocket bed. This is something that Jantine finds “a little bad.” However, this should not spoil the fun: the spark seems to fly instantly between Gibby and Jantine. They can't take their eyes off each other.

It remains to be seen whether these two family members are truly a match. Married at first sight do you see Every Tuesday and Wednesday in RTL 4.

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