From today also "promoting" vaccination in Suriname

From today also “promoting” vaccination in Suriname

Picture (C) AstraZeneca

As of today, so-called booster vaccinations (third dose) are also provided in Suriname. The Ministry of Health of Suriname has announced that this is related to the AstraZeneca vaccine. The booster vaccination is for those who:

 is 60 years of age or older;
 He is a dialysis patient.
 Has low resistance due to an immune disorder or medication;
 And/or provide direct care to people with COVID-19.

To be eligible for a booster vaccine, it is important that the person has taken two doses of AstraZeneca and that the period from the last shot is at least five months. This booster vaccination provides additional protection for people whose immune system needs extra stimulation. As a result, the immune system is more prepared for the possibility of infection with COVID-19 and these people have the same protection as people who received two doses.

The Department of Health, on the advice of NITAG (Sub-Committee of the Technical Advisory Committee on National COVID-19 Immunization Policy), is calling for a number of groups of fully vaccinated people for an additional dose. This has already started in many countries. In Suriname, everything is being done to make our citizens more resilient in the face of this pandemic. The group of fully vaccinated patients who should nevertheless be admitted after sudden infection appears to consist mainly of individuals from the above groups.

Therefore NITAG advises switching to booster vaccinations, to save more lives in our country. The number of infections continues to increase daily and creates difficult social and economic situations. The goal is to responsibly normalize as quickly as possible, so that the resulting situation becomes feasible for every citizen of our country.

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The POC and Zorghotel are both open to everyone daily with extended opening hours. The locations in each region are listed weekly on the Ministry’s Facebook page.

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