The flag of Leiden has been on display for a year: Leiden2022 is coming to an end

You must have noticed that Leiden was the European City of Science last year. A 365-day science festival has been organized under the name Leiden2022, full of activities, exhibitions and workshops. The main objective? Connecting science and society.

Heart movies at the station

LUMC has organized 27 public events this year and contributed to 30 episodes of LUMC Knowledge Radio. From an escape game about cancer and immunity to producing heartfelt films on Stationsplein, our staff has done their best to make their field as attractive as possible to a wide audience. And successfully. The activities attracted a total of more than 2,200 visitors.

Communication with visitors

The responses show that these insights into our experts’ work were appreciated. For example, after a “behind the scenes look at oncology” activity, researchers from pathology, gastroenterology, hepatology, cell and chemical biology received an email from a participant who was very impressed with their work. “All praise and respect to these passionate people who (with a lot of patience) can make a difference. They bring hope and enlightenment,” the participant writes. Well, put it in your pocket!

Not only were these activities beneficial to the visitors, but also our staff. Marion van der Hoeven, Organ Donation Coordinator, together with her colleagues, organized an evening entitled “Giving Makes Life”, an evening with lectures and a room for dialogue on organ transplantation and donation. The experts spoke about their work and the impact of the new donor law. Experienced experts also talked about life before and after cultivation. Then there was time to talk together. “It was very helpful for us to hear the audience’s input. They bring new perspectives,” says van der Hoeven.

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Every day this year there were activities to try. And this will happen again, as an inference. On December 22nd, with Future as the theme of the day, Stadsgehoorzaal will host The final festival take place. Everyone is welcome, whether you have participated before or not. So, put it on your calendar and Subscription So that we can end this festive year together.

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