French Football Federation president should evacuate stadium after ‘clumsy remarks’ about Zidane |  sports

French Football Federation president should evacuate stadium after ‘clumsy remarks’ about Zidane | sports

Noel Le Grat has to step down as president of the French Football Federation. The 81-year-old lost his credibility after speaking disrespectfully towards coach Zinedine Zidane. He did so after Didier Deschamps extended his contract as national coach with the losing World Cup finalists.

Le Graet spoke to French media about the extension last week. The chairman of the board was asked if Zidane, who is currently available, had expressed interest. Le Graët’s response caused an uproar.

Zinedine Zidane, I wouldn’t even score him Le Graët wrote. “What shall I say to him?” Hello sir, do not be under any illusions. Look no further, because I just agreed to a contract with Didier? He has to do whatever he wants, it’s none of my business. I never met him and we never considered parting ways with Deschamps. Zidane can come and go to a big club as he pleases. I don’t expect a national team to happen so quickly. ”

Noel Le Graet with national coach Didier Deschamps. © AFP

Criticism from Kylian Mbappe after the statements

The statements were criticized by many. One of the prominent figures who spoke out strongly against the chairman was Kylian Mbappe. Zidane is France. “This is not how we treat legends like him,” the French star wrote on social media.

Not long after, Le Graet apologized. “I admit that I made clumsy statements that created misunderstandings,” he said. “Zidane knows how much I appreciate him, like all Frenchmen.”

However, his position turned out to be untenable, as it becomes clear today. “Noel Le Grat, in agreement with the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation meeting today in Paris, has chosen to step down from his duties as President of the Federation,” This came in a statement issued today by the French Football Federation. He did not say a word about the reason for leaving. Philippe Diallo was appointed interim president.

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