Fred Van Leer said to the robber: 'Come on, pie!  Then he shot me!  |  Entertainment

Fred Van Leer said to the robber: ‘Come on, pie! Then he shot me! | Entertainment

In the interview he tells Unique He didn’t immediately panic when someone pointed to the video in question. But after a one night’s sleep, he woke up to a phone blast, and then things went wrong in his head. “Because it’s not a good idea to see strangers like this, but when friends and colleagues start texting you, you suddenly see who’s watching this video in front of you. It’s very insulting.”

Then Farid ran into a “blind panic” to a good friend who “yells” arrives to him. The 44-year-old designer – who says he only speaks “gibberish” there – believes he was suffering from “some kind of psychosis” at the time. “I just wanted to die. I’ve said that thirty times: I want to die, I want to die, I want to die.” Ultimately, Farid did “something.” He wants to keep his “how and why” for himself.


Farid was hospitalized and eventually recovered. A week after the video was leaked, things got worse again. When alone at home, someone pretending to be a parcel delivery clerk would ring the doorbell. It turned out to be a thief, according to someone who is part of Rolex ring Who also stood at the door of fellow celebrities.

Rotterdam immediately sees it as a robbery and prepares for a showdown. “So I woke up, focused, knit, I learned that from my coach, and when he gets close to going up, I’ll kick him straight up the stairs.” Farid continues kicking – “in his stomach, neck, face, and everything” – and is left with a broken rib and bruises from the fight.

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Meanwhile, another man climbs upstairs and threatens Fred with a gun. “All I said was, ‘Okay, come on, pie! Then shoot me!’ ‘Then Fred kicks his first attacker down the stairs, who is taking his partner down. The stylist shuts the door behind him and the thieves take the rabbit’s path.

Earlier this month, it was announced that one of the burglary suspects would remain in detention for an additional ninety days.

You can talk about suicide at the suicide prevention website 113 or call 0113-0900.

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