Fortuna honors Michel de Maat with best performance ever

Fortuna honors Michel de Maat with best performance ever

Written by Peter Speck

Alderman of Sport Arnoud Proos was particularly present at this presentation of Michel de Matt at the jubilee gala at Fortuna, which was celebrated last Saturday evening at the beautiful residence of the jeu de boules association Vlaardingen in the Watersportweg. “An anniversary like this is also a time to take stock. Who has now performed best at Fortuna in the last 75 years,” said Arnoud Proos.
“It is an almost impossible task, given the string of very good performances by men and women, as well as by young people at Fortuna over the past 75 years. Look at the performance lists, but especially in the top 10 in all components of athletics and it is almost impossible to make a choice. But Michel de Matt’s performance is at a historic level. Two hours, fifteen minutes and fourteen seconds. I’m repeating this time just to let this pass,” said Arnoud Proos at the Polodrome at the Jeu de Paul Club. With this time, Michel de Matt established himself as the top marathoner at the time.

Fifty marathons

In total, Michel de Maat has run fifty marathons, but he has also made a name for himself in the half marathon and has run more than a hundred times that distance with a top time of 1 hour 1 minute. See also Michel de Maat’s club records on distances from 3000 meters to the mentioned marathon Above and his many victories at the Havenloop in King’s Day around the West and Oosthavenkade and this award is more than well deserved,” says Arnoud Proos.
De Vladinger himself was very surprised by this prestigious award. “I remember that moment very well in Amsterdam. I ran between well-known Dutch marathon runners Marte ten Keet and Gerard Niebuhr, which I thought was a great honor and had to set the pace for these great runners for a good part of the race,” Michel de Matt recalls that beautiful moment in his successful career. “Achieving a good marathon depends on many factors. Just something going wrong with your preparation or making a wrong decision during the race can really affect your final time,” says Michel de Matt.

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Christel van den Berg

It didn’t stop at this one and only presentation at Fortuna’s anniversary party. Kristel van den Berg has taken home the Ringlever Trophy for best performance in the past two seasons. The Fortuna athlete ran 9.56.56 minutes in the 3000-meter hurdles. Christel van den Berg ran this first time in America, combining her university studies with sports. Chairman Robert van Egmond informed her by telephone. “In December I hope to complete my studies here in America and return to Vlaardingen,” said Christel van den Berg happily. Finally, the Fortunaschild Prize, a recognition award for Fortuna members who make a special effort for the club, went to the School Sports Committee, which ensures that primary school children in Vlaardingen can regularly use accommodation at Broekpolder and get to know various sporting events.

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