Beijing 2022 |  LIVE - 5th straight gold for Wüst and bronze for De Jong in the historic 1500m

Beijing 2022 | LIVE – 5th straight gold for Wüst and bronze for De Jong in the historic 1500m

This article will be completed including the end of the 1500m.

Bring back the conclusion

Beijing 2022

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That was Erin Faust’s nail biting. Of course she felt that her flight was good and that her arms not only soared into the air, but behind a possible medal there was still a question mark. These question marks disappeared as each flight ended and were replaced by an exclamation point. He went! Watch here how Wüst witnessed the birth of her fifth Olympic title.

Beijing 2022 | The moment Erin Faust wins the gold medal at the Beijing 2022 Olympics

Gold for Wüst!

Irene West does it again! She peaks in time and wins the gold medal for the fifth time in a row! Strange, but really true: five gold medals at the Winter Games in a row! unimaginable. Her status has been cemented as the greatest Dutch Olympian ever, and she is now also the first athlete at the Winter Games to win gold five times in a row. Unique achievement!

Bronze went to Antoinette de Jong.

Beijing 2022 | Irene West’s Golden Race in its entirety

Boo is not coming!

With one stage remaining, Erin Faust made sure to get a medal. Brittany Beau did not meet the timing of the Dutch, which means that she is confident of winning a medal for the fifth time in a row. That’s a lot, but what color could Wüst dangle around her neck?

Best trip from Wust!

Erin West can look back on a wonderful journey! She completed the skate mile in 1:53.28 and is a favorite for her fifth gold medal. Not without reason the arms rise in the air. Great race from Wüst, including a great final lap! What are we going to test here?

De Jong’s improvement after 3,000m is disappointing

Antoinette de Jong retaliated in the 1500m for a lower performance during the double distance earlier in this Winter Games. De Jong currently has the fastest time, diving under the Marijke Groenewoud Pass. What does this time produce? This is the big question! The real guns are still to come and is the final round good enough…?

Fastest time Groenewoud

Marijke Groenewoud had a good trip right after the survey break. She now has the fastest time in the 1500m. Our commentators think time will still be lost, but for now Groenewoud can be pleased with her performance. She was at 1:54.97.

1500 meters started

The first stages of the Olympic 1500m race take place. The early Dutch didn’t get into business until after the mop’s break. Marijke Groenewoud is the first to move to stage 9. For now, it’s up to the Lesser Gods to fulfill their Olympic dream. If you had to keep an eye on someone, it seems like Natalia Zirounka.

Wüst in search of history

Erin West will be looking for a unique show from 09:30. The speed skater has won at least one gold medal in the past four Olympic Games. No winter athlete managed to become a champion of the Olympic Games five times in a row. Could Wüst become the first and establish himself more strongly in the record books?

Beijing 2022 | Erin West goes gold in Beijing


Miho Takagi is the top candidate for gold. The Japanese came in second four years ago, but they’ve grown into a dominant superpower on the skateboarding trend in recent years. Takagi has won all the World Cup competitions she has been in this year and holds the world record. Anything less than gold would be a huge disappointment for the Japanese.

She was challenged by our very own Erin Foust. Wüst won gold at this distance four years ago and that was her fourth consecutive Olympic Games with a gold medal. If Wüst can win a distance again in Beijing, she will be the first woman in Olympic history to become an Olympic champion five times in a row.
The third contender is the American Brittany Boo. Bowe was the best middle distance racer in the world for years, but she couldn’t even reward herself with a gold medal. She’s now 33 years old, so this Olympics might be her last chance to lay a crown in her career.


Stage 1: Ellia Smeding (GBR) – Yu Ting Huang (TPE)
Stage 2: Sandrine Bag (Belgium) – Magdalena Cczun (Poland)
Stage 3: Sophie-Caroline Hoegen (NOO) – Michel Orig (Germany)
Fourth stage: Elena Sukhryakova (Russia) – Ekaterina Slova (Western European Union).
Fifth stage: Mia Kielburg (USA) – Marina Zueva (USSR).
Stage 6: Maddison Pearman (Canada) – Ahenaer Adaka (CHI).
Stage 7: Evgenia Lalinkova (Russia) – Yekaterina Aidova (Kazakhstan)
Stage 8: Nikola Jedrahalova (TSJ) – Natalia Cherwonka (Poland)

scan break

ride 9: Marijke Grunod (NED) – Chi Yen (Chi)
Stage 10: Mi Han (Chi) – Nana Takagi (Japan)
Stage 11: Antoinette de Jong (NED) Nadezhda Morozova (Kazakhstan)
ride 12: Erin West (Ned) – Evanni Blondin (Canada)
Stage 13: Ayano Sato (Japan) – Francesca Lollobrigida (ITA).
Stage 14: Brittany Bowie (US) – Ryan Wicklund (NOO).
Stage 15: Elizaveta Golubeva (Russia) – Miho Takagi (Japan).

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Beijing 2022

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