FNV: An important step against infringing behavior in the media

FNV: An important step against infringing behavior in the media

On behalf of the staff, FNV Media & Cultuur Director Andrée Ruiters was present: “Dealing with cross-border behavior in the media sector takes a long time, but everyone seems ready to take responsibility.”

a reason

The abuses on the television show The Voice of Holland that appeared in January were the direct reason for the Secretary of State to invite the sector to a meeting. Publication is a common preventive approach that prevents infringing behavior within the media.

open a conversation

Ruiters: We were able to have a very open conversation in which we were able to send a clear signal on behalf of employees: We want the sector to take responsibility for preventing infringing behaviour. You can no longer look away. It turns out that this message had a very wide buy-in, because the willingness to take real steps to make our beautiful sector safer was so powerful.

Make it negotiable

Ruiters also want to discuss unwanted behavior in the media, for example by placing a sector code. Ruiters: ‘But you can also make it clear as an employer in contracts, work contracts, assignments and the like what’s allowed and what’s not in this area. It is very important to have a conversation about it.

next step

The round table discussion will continue with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Oslo. Parties from the sector are invited again for further discussion, after which a charter with broad support will be drawn up, which will include a code of conduct for the media, among other things. Ruiters: There is a great willingness to learn from each other. So I am absolutely confident that the step taken today will eventually lead to the much-needed cultural change in the media sector.

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