First in the gymnastics hall, now on the gravel.  Tennis player Celeste (15) from Slean joined the National Junior No.1.  ‘Pro tennis is my biggest dream’

First in the gymnastics hall, now on the gravel. Tennis player Celeste (15) from Slean joined the National Junior No.1. ‘Pro tennis is my biggest dream’

Celeste Bergsma has already shown many perfect exercises in the gymnastics hall, but now she is doing it again on the tennis courts. The 15-year-old, who lives in Slean, is considered a tennis talent who is maturing quickly.

She got her hands on a racket for the first time at the age of ten, and she never let go. ,, And that was not surprising because my parents were also regulars on the tennis court. This is how I truly fell in love with the game. He watched gymnastics, after which Bergsma not only succeeded in life with great enthusiasm, but also successfully won with a tennis racket.

Giving up is not an option

With an undying passion for tennis, giving up is not an option for Celeste Bergsma, who trains six days a week at the tennis court in Barkeres. In every match, the born-and-bred Brabant woman wants to give it her all until the very last point. With that spirit, as captain of Premier Divisionist DC Barkeres, he also mentors his youth teammates.

Link to National Junior Rankings

In recent years, he began to practice more seriously and directly. ,, My serve is still a point of improvement and I have worked hard on developing my forehand and backhand. Bergsma has now reached the top of the national junior rankings: he is sixth in the under-16 category.

Nose in butter

Since moving from Brabant to southeast Trento – autumn 2021 – Celeste Bergsma has been in a period full of positivity. ,, I played with a mixed team in third grade at a tennis club in Dordrecht, but at TC Bargeres I really fell in love with it. Last season we were forced to seek promotion to the premier class at our very young age. That in itself is an achievement. “We can do better and reach a higher level in our country’s highest level, the Premier League.”

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Extend the Premier League

To her surprise, they are thriving in that Premier League so far. With one round to go – next Sunday’s home meeting against Badewedorp – manager-coach Ruud Koning’s formation need a draw to stay in the Premier League.

,, All credit goes to Root as he is behind our progress. He is organizationally sound, straightforward and knows how to articulate aspects like technique and tactics well. Of course credits also apply to the support of our loyal supporters.

Doubly inexperienced

A matchday in the Eredivisie consists of four singles matches and two doubles matches. ,, In singles we often win points, and in doubles we do not have the experience to dominate and win the series”, analyzes Bergsma.

In doubles, it is not clear in advance who will play due to injury. “It’s very difficult against experienced opponents. They do a lot with their forehand and get along well with each other, but we will have opportunities against these teams in the new season.

College tennis in the United States

The havo-4 student at Esdal College in Emmen already has a plan in mind for the coming years. ,, When I have my HAVO diploma next year, I want to play college tennis in the US. With the scholarship I can pursue higher vocational education or a master’s degree while playing for a university team. By going to America for a few years, I can grow well in all fields. A great step towards professional tennis, which is my big dream.

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