2 times gold for Marieke van Soest of USA

2 times gold for Marieke van Soest of USA

HUNTSVILLE – The third Paracycling World Cup was held May 26-29 in Huntsville, Alabama.

Marieke van Soest participated with the KNWU’s NL team, as did Maniago (Italy) and Ostend (Belgium).

Individual time trials on Friday 26th May. Huntsville had a large field of riders from 30 countries. Van Soest won the time trial against her biggest Mexican opponent, who she also trailed at last year’s World Cup. The difference was more than 1 minute.
The course is set in Cummings Research Park and has some fair climbs here and there and several false flats.

The road race is to be held on May 28. This is the longest distance (36.6 km) for Tribike T1 class. The maximum allowed by the UCI for this class. After an active first lap, Marike managed to increase his lead to over 3 minutes. It was her second victory.

Because it’s so hot in Alabama, organizers have a sprinkler where riders can ride to cool off. A smart invention used by many cyclists, including Marieke Van Soest.
Each medalist received a monkey in Huntsville’s iconic space suit as a memento of the Rocket City.

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