First helicopter flight on Mars postponed due to technical issue |  right Now

First helicopter flight on Mars postponed due to technical issue | right Now

The first space helicopter will not fly around Mars yet. The drone was scheduled to make its first short flight over the Red Planet at night from Sunday to Monday (Netherlands time), but has been postponed. A technical problem arose during training. At the earliest, a fresh takeoff attempt will be made next Wednesday.

The maiden flight is scheduled for 4.54 hours NST on Monday. The innovation of the Mars helicopter is planned to reach a height of several meters in three seconds. It will stay there for thirty seconds, before landing in the same place in a controlled manner.

That first flight is a test. If it succeeded, the Mars helicopter could fly about five times, each time a few hundred meters away. It will likely last about a month on Mars.

what happened?

In preparation for the first flight, the helicopter’s vanes were rotated on Friday. Something went wrong with the code on the plane. The computer in flight control prowess warned that something was wrong. This is under investigation. “The helicopter is safe and healthy and has sent all the data back to Earth,” NASA said on Saturday.

The helicopter was launched in July as luggage in the persevering Mars trolley. They landed together on Mars in mid-February. About a week ago, creativity was put to the surface. The dexterity is about 1 meter high and weighs about 2kg.

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