Apple’s VPN Private Relay Not Reaching China or Belarus – Computer – News

Apple is making Private Relay VPN unavailable in ten countries, including China and Belarus, due to “regulations”. Private Relay allows users to hide their Safari traffic from companies, advertisers, and Apple.

against Reuters Apple says the service will not be available in certain countries for “legal reasons”. No further explanation was provided. In addition to China and Belarus, this includes Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Uganda and the Philippines.

This isn’t the first time Apple has made a privacy waiver to comply with regulations within a country. For example, the message appeared that Apple especially for China iCloud device security Security researchers say it would be easier to hack than the hardware security the company uses in other countries.

Through the private relay function, which at the moment works only in the Safari browser, Internet traffic passes through two additional servers. The first server is powered by Apple and removes the IP address. The second server is from a third party and gives the user an IP address temporarily. This feature is part of The new iCloud + plan, which replaces your existing iCloud subscription.

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