EINDELIJK. Twitter test knop om tweets aan te passen

finally. Twitter test button to edit tweets

During Online Editing

Twitter users have been asking for the ability to edit tweets for some time now. Now they can only delete a tweet posted, but they can’t correct it. Elon Musk, who has been involved in a legal battle over the takeover of Twitter, has also been arguing for an edit button for some time. He even polled his followers to see if there was any interest in editing posted tweets. The vast majority were in favor.

Former CEO Jack Dorsey described it as highly unlikely in 2020 that such a position would ever come. In April, Twitter announced that it had been working on such a feature for a long time. Thursday/Today the group reported that the button is being tested internally and will be available to paying users under the ‘Twitter Blue’ variant ‘in the coming weeks’. It is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“As with any new feature, we’d like to test ‘Tweet Edit’ with a limited audience that can help us identify potential issues and fix them before making them public,” Twitter says.

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30 minutes

As the feature is now being tested, it will allow tweets to be corrected within 30 minutes of being posted. The respective Tweets will have an icon indicating that the original message has been modified. It will also be possible to read previous versions of the tweet.

In this way, Twitter wants to “protect the integrity of the conversation” and “show everyone what was said,” apparently.

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