Strain Smallbrough will not be returning to the stage for the time being: ‘I’ve learned my lesson’ |  show

Strain Smallbrough will not be returning to the stage for the time being: ‘I’ve learned my lesson’ | show

Television ecologist Strain Smallbrough (28), will not be entering the stage for the time being. She “took a lot of hay on her fork” last year and has to take it easy. She announced this today on Instagram.

“As some of you know, I’ve been very ill three times in the past six months,” the reptile expert begins. For example, she had to recoup a lot from her participation in Expedition Robinson In the past year, because her body was clearly accustomed to rich food. Smallbrough continues, “I’ve always needed months to recover.” “I wish it was just bad luck, but it’s not true. I’ve outdone myself in recent years and done so much more.

Her body gave her signals, but because she always wanted to do everything perfectly, she ignored them for a long time. Now she’s learned her lesson and now she listens to her body better, which means she has to set priorities. She loves to meet her fans in the theater, but it takes a lot of effort on her now. As an introvert, I’ve noticed that it takes a lot from me. At the moment I have to choose my health first and so I decided not to go on the Tour next season.


For now, I have to choose my health first

Citrine Smallberg


Sterrin Smalbrugge doesn’t quite stop working, there are other ways to meet the ecologist. I will look for an alternative that is less difficult for me, but still gives a chance to meet. More on that later.

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Strain, 28, studies reptiles and amphibians around the world. It also offers its own programme Crazy reptiles On Videoland and before Great Reptile Show And the Superheroes of the animal kingdom. She also has her own stage show Sterrin . Reptile Journey He has written two books for children and most recently one for adults on reptiles. Last year I participated in Expedition Robinson.

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