Finally there is some news about ‘The Purge 6’ but it’s not good

Finally there is some news about ‘The Purge 6’ but it’s not good

The first ten years have passed WeedingThe film was released. There have been many sequels since then, but the sixth installment has been a long time coming. How did it come about?

The fifth and final part for now, The Forever Purge, which came out two years ago. Since then it has been quiet around the beloved franchise. However, now there is something new. According to its creator, James DiMarco, the problem lies in the budget.

Very little
In a recent interview he said:The script is ready. I wrote it myself. Universal already saw that. The story is about a fractured America, made up of different states and ideas. It is very different in every area

Everything went well, but now there are budget concerns. How they want to proceed is now universal. The budget is very low and I don’t think we can tell the story we want to tell with this amount“.

We want to make a great movie to portray this new America. We want it to be an epic story and we want Frank Grillo to come back. However, at the moment, everything is not so clear …

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