Joe Biden is ready and needs a new candidate

Joe Biden is ready and needs a new candidate

D66 Congressman Jan Paternotte is advising the US Democratic Party to replace presidential candidate Joe Biden. “He did a wonderful job for four years, but it’s over now, the tube is empty,” says Paternotte on the radio program Sven op 1.

Biden’s aging has long been a hot topic among American voters, but it has become more prominent since the president made a bad impression during a televised debate with his rival, Donald Trump. Many donors pulled back and many Democrats called on Biden to make way for another, younger candidate.

Paternotte joins them. “It’s not about age, but we’ve seen a lot of moments lately where Biden doesn’t seem to be doing it anymore. He goes silent, he can’t get his words out. He gave a good speech last night, but he read from a teleprompter during the State of the Union earlier this year. The ticket was in front of him. If not, things don’t seem to be going well.

I personally knocked on doors for Barack Obama in 2008. Many young people were very excited. You need that,” Paternode continues. “People have to trust a candidate. If Biden doesn’t fit in, it’s going to be a much tougher story. There’s a lot more at stake.” He fears a Trump victory. “That’s the shadow that hangs over NATO summits in Washington and Europe.”

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‘America needs a woman president’

He advises Biden to “count his buttons,” and after four years, Paternode says, he’s done a “fantastic job.” “But that’s over now, and the pipeline is empty. Leave it to a Democrat like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a very attractive woman and a strong governor. She can win and become the first woman president. That’s what America is ready for.

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Paternode warned that a victory for Republican Trump could have major consequences for the security of the European continent. “Trump often threatens to withdraw troops from Europe or leave NATO. We have to be prepared for that. If Trump does that within a few years or even faster, we’ll have a big problem in Europe.


Meanwhile, Paternod watches in dismay as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán approaches Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming to be coming for peace talks. Hungary recently took over the presidency of the Council of the European Union, but as far as Paternot is concerned, not for long.

“Russia in no way gives the impression that it wants peace, on the contrary. Crossing borders with attacks on residential areas, hospitals and schools,” Paternod said. The leader abuses his position.

From January, Poland will take over from Hungary. For Paternotte, this will happen in a very short time. “Heads of government can adjust the council schedule. As far as we are concerned, we will bring Poland forward, otherwise you will allow Hungary to do this with impunity.

D66 membership adopts a diplomatic order. “Orbán is making a circus out of it and pulling out of all the deals we’ve made in Europe. By blocking aid to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, he’s undermining our security. He’s crossing too many lines and that should have consequences.

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By: Peter Visser

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