Finalists seriously ill after VIP special forces participation: “I lost ten kilos”

Finalists seriously ill after VIP special forces participation: “I lost ten kilos”

The whole group complete again to look back together on their engagement to VIP Special Forces. When Thijs and Jorien arrive, the other recruits greet them with a huge round of applause. Theijs ​​says he has fond memories of the program: “It was very difficult, but something that can never be forgotten.”

However, the finalists had plenty of complaints left from the week in Bulgaria. For example, Thijs needs a long time to recover from training: “The first thing I did at home was take a long hot shower. Then I lay down on the sofa, from which I had hardly got rid of for a week. Tejs then becomes seriously ill: “I lost ten kilos and my resistance completely disappeared.”

Once home, Jorien also has the necessary issues: “It went well at first, and I started eating a lot. I think I ate for a month the first few days at home.” However, after those first days, her health deteriorated: “Then I became very ill and my lungs began to bother me again. For weeks I was at rest and sick.” She also suffers from the same lung problems while she was engaged VIP Special Forces: “It wasn’t a reason to give up, but it made the program more difficult for me.”

Both recruits look back on an amazing adventure. However, we will never see Jorien again in a possible new season of the show: “It was the first time, but definitely also the last. I will never push the limits of my body again!”

reunion episode of VIP Special Forces It can now be seen at Videoland.

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In the last episode of give up She tells Jorien of the huge impact the training had on her at the time. For example, a skier feels so bad that she has hallucinations.

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