Feyenoord's fitness criticism: 'Other big clubs often play the same'

Feyenoord’s fitness criticism: ‘Other big clubs often play the same’

Feyenoord is in good shape in the Eredivisie after nine matches, but at the same time it can be concluded that the team is still looking. This is partly related to the fitness of the group of players, as not everyone can start twice a week. in Rheinmond This aspect has been highlighted.

“I think this is special,” former water polo coach and Feyenoord fan Arno Havinga began broadcasting. “It’s hard for me to say what it will be like for footballers, but it seems to me that you should be able to play twice a week. Those new players didn’t come yesterday either. They were in the Netherlands for two years. Or three months. Some remained. thing.”

When this topic was discussed earlier, coach Arne Slot noted that the players had traveled a lot, often had to deal with time differences and had to play international matches between them. Havinga only partially agreed with this interpretation. “I can imagine this was not the ideal setup, but I find it easy to say that twice a week is too much. Other big clubs also play more often.”

So far, Feyenoord’s physical stress has led to a serious injury. Osama El Idrissi injured hamstring. “He played a little last year and now a lot is expected. Then he got injured. That’s what you get,” said reporter Dennis Kranenburg. This was confirmed by former Feyenoord player Harry van der Laan. He noted that pressure at Feyenoord – compared to the smaller clubs from which the newcomers come – could also play a role.

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“It ensures that players have to walk on their toes. You can also get injured if you start a match like this with a lot of pressure in your body,” van der Laan explained. “It’s been a long time for me, but as a Feyenoord player I’ve been injured a lot more than I’ve ever been. The body is often under stress, and there is a lot more pressure. Not everyone deals with that easily.”

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