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Now it really shouldn’t get any crazier. The injection sites are empty, the vaccines are left on, and sometimes the phone rings several hours into the vaccination booking queue. The generation over the age of 16, who can simply come to New York, Bahrain and Israel for vaccination, are hopeless in the Netherlands.

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The mood in the Netherlands could not be better expressed than in other parts of the sick and ill EU. The most influential German MEP in Buttonhope.. “England and the United States are selfish and nationalistic,” he said. “They refuse to export. We did.” How he gets nonsense over his lips.

In a democracy, the main task of government is to guarantee the safety of its citizens. The fact that the United Kingdom, the United States, the Emirates, Israel, Bahrain and the Seychelles have invested heavily and paid high prices for vaccines is not selfishness or nationalism, but good governance. The Netherlands and other EU countries could have done the same, but if you think it shouldn’t be too expensive in Riga, the air conditioners in Rotterdam are empty. That brain wave is called European policy, or – worse – European unity.

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That’s one side of this mega shame. Official and administrative brain rotation on the other hand led to confusion. I myself received my first injection at a vaccination center with 30 ggd and a client: me. There were a lot of syringes filled in the toothpick tray, but I had no customers behind me. I hear from all sides. 20, or 30, or 40, or 50 year olds yearn for valuable remaining vaccines. I hear from the phone operators in the call center hired by GGD, they don’t hear the phone.

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Or insane incidents – borrow its wording – Like Morton van Rochem. Yes, anyone who calls the GGT number 0800-7070 three times has a better chance of getting three different answers. The letter of invitation did not mention the so-called official letter.

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If GGD is violated at those vaccination centers, we will understand. But it is often almost extinct. RIVM talks about statistics of vulnerable groups Even piece in the ring Thrown. Don’t know, so. Here’s the solution: Stop that crazy meeting system and open vaccination centers for everyone under the age. Anyone who wants the shot will get the ID card, sandwich and a crossword puzzle in the bag, in order. I will tell T Jong: pin, pin, pin, you have to take it.

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