Fantastic: A new paranormal activity and a pet is in the making

Fantastic: A new paranormal activity and a pet is in the making

Paramount + live streaming platform is coming and no expense will be spared for new content. Not only does the service come with a lot of remakes, reboots, and revivals of old classics, but it also comes with sequels and pre-cuts. “Paranormal Activity” and “Pet Simeter” are among the first in the latter categories.

Paramount + enters the broadcast war and pulls out all the stops to win the Battle of Disney + and Netflix, among others. There is a supplement for that Supernatural activity On schedule. Should become an “unexpected new chapter,” reports diverse. Jason Bloom will be the Project Manager. His previous works Get out at Ma It can really count on a lot of visitors and praise from critics.

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Additionally, we are working hard on the introduction to the horror film Animal Cemetery. It is the so-called “origin story”. The film will focus on the above, the famous Stephen King story, in which deceased pets come to torture their owners and rise from the dead. It is still unclear when the new releases from Animal Cemetery at Supernatural activity Be released.

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In the Supernatural activityThe series previously released six movies, all of which scored very well and are now among horror classics. Animal Cemetery It was a stand-alone story for now, but will be expanded. The first release of Animal Cemetery It was released in 1989 and a remake was released in 2019. Paramount + will be available in the US in March, but whether the broadcast service will also come to the Netherlands is not yet known.

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