John de Mol: “I inadvertently made the impression that I blamed women” |  stars

John de Mol: “I inadvertently made the impression that I blamed women” | stars

De Mol says he’s “horrified” by all the reactions to his words on broadcast boo About sexual aggressive behavior behind the scenes in Holland sound. It specifically refers to the advertisement in adPosted by women working in Talpa. “Dear John, it’s not the woman’s fault,” reads the full-page ad.

“I didn’t really understand why women were outraged by my words rather than the perpetrators of sexual offending behaviour,” de Mol said in his statement. “This morning I was even more shocked by an advertisement in the newspaper. Immediately after that, I began speaking to a number of the women from the company behind this advertisement to understand this anger and disappointment.”

Talpa’s boss says he “listened mainly” during that conversation. “I now understand that, contrary to my good intentions, I completely ignored the fact that I had inadvertently created the impression that the blame rests with women. It has become clear to me that women will not advance if the culture in the company is not seen as safe enough.”

internal dialogue

De Mol blames himself for the fact that his company is “apparently like that” and wants to “dedicate himself 100%” to tackling this. “I am open to learn more about this with the help of experts and to engage in a dialogue about this internally. I hope this will also lead to a wider social discussion. I will not wait for this and immediately started starting this process in my own company. In the meantime, of course, I also accepted an invitation from Minister of State for Culture and Information to discuss this matter.”

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A day after Boos’ revealing and shocking broadcast, there is a massive response from celebrities and companies. Reporter Jordi Verstigden recounts several reactions.

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