Fans return to English stadiums: No hug, quiet cheer |  Foreign football

Fans return to English stadiums: No hug, quiet cheer | Foreign football

English football clubs Luton Town and Wicomb Wanderers, who play in Tier Two, may once again allow a limited number of spectators to attend their matches on Wednesday. This has not been possible since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in the United Kingdom.

There are many conditions attached to admission. There are designated walking lines, temperature checks, time periods people can enter the stadium and limited dining options. Nor should there be overly enthusiastic encouragement and jubilation. Lawton plays at home against Norwich, and Lycombe hosts Stoke City.

With the exception of some test matches and a few matches in the lower seasons with a maximum of 1,000 visitors, the stadiums have been empty since March. Luton and Wycombe are in the so-called Tier-2 region, amid three levels of anti-Corona measures. Just like London and Liverpool, local professional clubs can welcome up to 2,000 fans again this weekend. Manchester and Newcastle, among others, are in Tier 3. The stadiums will remain closed there.

Luton will accept 1,000 “ambassadors” on Wednesday, drawn from fans who have had a season ticket for at least a decade. “As you understand, it will be different from what you are used to,” according to the club’s website. Wycombe is also committed to 1000 fans, also to test how it goes. The club asks, “Avoid hugging, shaking hands, or any close contact with people outside your social bubble.” “And beware of singing, cheering and shouting.” Even fans were asked not to take the ball if it fell into the stands.

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Arsenal will be the first club of the highest level to allow spectators on Thursday. It takes place in a duel with Rapid Wien in the European League.

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