Networking on conditioning sports

Networking on conditioning sports

SPRANG-CAPELLE – On Thursday, June 23, the municipality of Walwick will organize a network meeting titled “Modified Sports” for the second time. Sports and exercise providers, healthcare professionals and expert experts are welcome to participate in the meeting in Sprang-Capelle. The aim is to create (more) sports and exercise opportunities for people with disabilities.

The municipality of Walwick wants everyone to be able to participate. Persons with disabilities must also be able to play sports and exercise. The network meeting was first organized last fall. People with disabilities, health care professionals and sports providers from Walwick municipality spoke with each other. The meeting generated many useful ideas, and therefore will continue. The second meeting of the network will be held on Thursday 23 June.

What is required to be able to exercise?

The common denominator of the meeting are the prerequisites for inclusive sport: What does it take to exercise if you have a disability? Rinske van Duifhuizen, Head of Inclusion Project at Walwieck Municipality explains: “In the workshops we discuss the social, financial, practical and preconditions for inclusive sports. All kinds of questions are asked. Like ‘How can we stimulate diversity within an association? What facilities are available to fund sports participation and sports resources? How do we make information accessible to the target group?’.

Through experience, experts can tell what obstacles (in the literal and figurative sense) they have to overcome. Sports providers and healthcare professionals will share their experiences with sports offerings for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. This is guaranteed to provide valuable insights and helpful advice. This is also the purpose of the network meeting: sharing knowledge and experiences, inspiring each other, and connecting current and upcoming initiatives.”

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The Modified Sports Network meeting will take place on Thursday, June 23rd at the Zidewinde Convention Center, Julianalaan 1 in Sprang-Capelle. Zidewinde has a Mifa toilet and parking space. There is no induction loop. Registration starts at 4 pm, the program starts at 4:30 pm and ends at 7:15 pm. You can register until Thursday, June 16, participation is free. on me Meeting You can find the registration link.

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