Fans caught a major editing error in the new season of Emily in Paris

Fans caught a major editing error in the new season of Emily in Paris

Emily, played by Lily Collins, has made it clear over the past three seasons that if she’s focused on something, she’ll keep working until she gets it. But building an extra Eiffel Tower for a better view is too far even for Emily. However, this only happens in the third season. When Emily visits her boss Madeline in the third episode, the iconic object can be seen first in the window on the left and in the next shot No Eiffel Tower Suddenly found on the right. A huge editing mistake, shared by an observant viewer on TikTok.

Committed viewers can find out more in the new season; Like the Dutch brand Ateljé. And if, as a designer, you see actors wearing your costumes, more than 60 million viewers won’t hurt you, Arno Kantelberg also knows.

In the series, American Emily moves to Paris, where she begins working at a marketing agency. She falls in love, tries to learn the language, and has to deal with the wayward nature of the French. It is implied in Season 3 that Emily can’t choose. She is indecisive both in work and in love. So what do you do next? Right: simply don’t choose. So Emily works extra hours at work, eats two delicious snacks at the same time, and finds enough time in between to always be there. fashion And the wonderful Search.

Emily in Paris Can be seen on Netflix.

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