Celine Dion fans are protesting against Rolling Stone after they removed her from their list of top artists | show

Celine Dion (54) is not in the list of the 200 Greatest Artists of All Time? Her fans don’t like that. The American Journal Rolling Stone Delete the singer from the list, which could draw a lot of criticism. A group of fans even protested in front of the building Rolling Stone to express their displeasure. “Celine powerIt can be read on banners.

On the Facebook group ‘The Redheads’, a fan club, Dion fanatics were called out to protest in front of the rolling pebble. Some 15 loyal fans accepted and made the six-hour flight to New York. As soon as they arrived, Celine’s number rang That’s how it is through speakers as the group chanted “Justice for Celine”.

Posted on January 1st Rolling Stone Their list of the 200 Greatest Artists of All Time. They updated it for the first time since 2008. At that time, Dion got a place. “The list is ridiculous,” says Line Basbous, founder of the fan club. We want to support it and make sure of that rolling pebble Hear the voice of the masses. The list is ridiculous. No Madonna, no Celine. They are clearly targeting American singers and we don’t understand that.”

Rolling Stone itself did not respond to work.

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