Facebook begins rolling out Clubhouse-like live sound rooms feature in the US – IT Pro – News

Facebook began rolling out live, cloned audio rooms at the Clubhouse on Monday. The company currently does so in the United States. It is not yet known when the position will be available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Facebook announces Live Audio Rooms Already in April, but the company began rolling out the feature on Monday, he writes the edge. The feature allows users to host a live audio call with up to fifty speakers. An unlimited number of users can listen to that conversation.

Users can currently only host such conversations through the Facebook app on iOS. This is not yet possible via the Facebook app for Android, but users of this mobile operating system can participate in the live audio rooms of others.

Furthermore, users can “raise their hands”, allowing them to request to join the conversation as a speaker. Facebook users will also receive notifications when friends or followers participate in the live audio room.

Facebook also provides podcasts on its platform, As expected. This allows podcast creators to add their podcast RSS feed to their Facebook page. Then users can listen to and comment on that podcast within the Facebook apps. Users can also select clips from these podcasts and share them on their timeline if the podcast creator allows this feature.

More and more major social media companies are creating an alternative to Clubhouse, a chat app that allows users to host audio events that launched late last year. was increasing. I brought Spotify last week For example, Greenroom has been discontinued and Twitter has started late last year Test club-style spaces. Also discord On reddit They have Clubhouse alternatives within their platforms.

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