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You now see Xbox fans cheering Microsoft purchases and pointing the finger at Sony. But why are people cheering, that’s because loyal Xbox fans just had to put up with a generation where people have repeatedly blamed Microsoft for not having enough of the exclusivity. Now there’s been really clear action from Microsoft in recent years showing that they want to do something about this situation, does it make sense for people to applaud that?

This delight is somewhat double as I mentioned earlier. Of course the fan base can rejoice, but a year ago the same fan base was still casually shouting that “exclusives don’t matter.” The difference is that this consistency is not present with both MS and the masses. When Sony is quiet, the same people also shout “It’s over, it looks like Sony doesn’t bring anything and then thrive there again”.

Of course it would have been great for Microsoft to have been building studios for 20 years, but that simply isn’t possible without actually taking 20 years. So the only option to catch up is to take over the existing studios.

This is what people suffer from. So this is a deficiency within MS, a lack of creativity. that they have had for generations. So there is no creativity taking over.

Moreover, as a practical reason, this is good news for gamepass members because we get all the new games on day one in the group right away.

I know this is also the only reason people rave, that it’s ‘free’ to play via gamepass. But with games that are not on the GP, you often immediately see how people react, as if paying for games was an immediately “weird” thing.

As for finger pointing, this is purely a reaction to others (I think mostly Sony fans) who are accusing Microsoft of buying the studios. Not that an Xbox fan thinks out of the blue that it’s okay for Microsoft to buy the studios and that Sony shouldn’t, that would be really weird. No, it’s the Sony fan who blames Microsoft and the Xbox fan who then stated that Sony did the same thing after all (no matter how true that may sound).

It’s your last sentence here. Forgot where the first Xbox Studios came from? Did Bungie, Lionhead, Rare, Mojang, etc. (list can be found on Wiki) out of the blue? It was also purchased. By that I mean it’s weird that “Sony did it too” as if Xbox didn’t take over a bunch in their early years either.

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The only thing that is clear is that there is a certain lack of creativity in Xbox games, which means they will never be able to expand their existing studios, but they have continued to live a lot with the same studios and games.

This is the reason why people see buying more Xbox as the “easiest” way or else they won’t do it either.

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