“Face ID no longer works after third-party iPhone 13 screen replacement” – Tablets & Phones – News

If the iPhone 13 screen is replaced by a third party that does not have official authority from Apple, Face ID will no longer work. That’s the conclusion this YouTuber phone repair expert came to after his own experiences.

In two videos, Phone Repair Guru shows that Face ID stops working after changing the screen. The YouTuber uses the original Apple screens, from two copies of the iPhone 13 Pro. It shows that the microphone, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor have no effect on the operation of Face ID. The unit with these components, which is glued to the screen, can be replaced.

The components of Face ID themselves are not part of the display, but the display unit contains chipsets that are presumably linked to the front camera. According to the repairer, it will be possible to swap out these chips and this should allow an unofficial screen swap, but it is unlikely that independent repairers will perform such an operation when replacing the screen.

Apple is notorious for making repairs more difficult when done by non-Apple parties. With earlier iPhones, users were already notified that a non-genuine screen was used if the screen was replaced with a standalone tip; Even if it is an original screen. However, Face ID continued to work on previous iPhones.

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