Ezra (26 years old): “We went on a date to Berlin, and I paid for (almost) everything.”

Ezra (26 years old): “We went on a date to Berlin, and I paid for (almost) everything.”

Tiki amount
125,00 euros
Request payment for
First date abroad
Ezra was asked about Berlin on the first date. Once there, it turned out that she had to pay more costs than expected.

You forgot your debit card

“One evening at the bar I met a nice boy. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to go on a date a week later. This was a good idea right away, because he asked me to go to Berlin. As in many European countries, in Germany it is customary to pay in cash. At the gas station, paying with Apple Pay was not an option and my companion also told me that he had forgotten his debit card at home. I applied for the sixty euro tank of petrol and he transferred it straight away. I will settle the second tank (again for sixty euros) later .

On the way there, I was also tasked with choosing the hotel I had booked on my phone. He reminded me to send Tiki and I said it would be fine. Once I arrived in Berlin, I had dinner and a few other things. I’m not the worst at paying for a date, but then I paid for more than half of our trip.

‘This is good’

“When I was in the Netherlands, I explained this fact to him and he said, ‘It’s okay.’ Excuse me? I was now in it for 180 euros and he only paid for one tank. Although I did not ask for this date. After that I explained to him again that I had borne most of the costs; He said again that it was okay. He didn’t seem to understand me. After some pushing and pushing, he agreed that I would send him a payment request. The amount also led to a discussion.

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