Eye-catching: another club in the building of the D-School nightclub

Eye-catching: another club in the building of the D-School nightclub

A new entertainment venue will be built on the site to the west where the De School nightclub was based for eight years. At first, it seemed that the school would have to make way for new houses, but now it seems that these houses will take longer.

The new entertainment venue is in the former LTS building on Dr. Street. Jan van Breemenstraat will be named Tilla Tec. According to Passion Dzenga, one of the participants in the new initiative, this will be “a real new dynamic fusion of bar, workspace, club, exhibition space and dance floor”. The venue will feature pop-up restaurants, dance halls and “all in the vibrant heart of Tila Tech.”

A platform for young talents

The club wants to provide a platform for “younger artists and DJs” through workshops, performances and events. “We want to go beyond just booking big names. We strive to foster an environment where initiatives can flourish and communities can uniquely connect and interact with each other.”

The arrival of the new club is remarkable, because it was previously assumed that De School would have to leave the building to make way for housing. “About a year ago we heard that we had to leave, but it turned out that we could eventually stay,” explains Joachim Wertheimer, co-founder of the school. “But it is already too late to restart De School.”

Wertheimer is happy that there are now new entrepreneurs who will start something in the building. “Nothing but praise for this new project,” says Wertheimer, who believes the new project can “make good use of space.”

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More than a month ago, hundreds of people were still lining up to make one last visit to the Dee School in the West. Eight years later the club no longer existed.

It has been and will continue to be a party site, that's what it looks like on both sides. Tilla Tec will open its doors on April 12.

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