These are the finalists for Heel Holland Bakt 2024 |  Displays

These are the finalists for Heel Holland Bakt 2024 | Displays

The semi-finals of All Holland Pakt I've been fighting. The final four candidates, Aruna, Susan, Rudo and Tim, were given another chance to prove themselves. Which three bakers won a place in the final?

The semi-finals of All Holland Pakt It began in a special way, and not only was presenter Andre van Duyne absent due to illness, but the first mission was actually more of an experiment. The bakers had to combine two classic pastries. The four bakers were delighted with their creations, but unfortunately judges Robert van Beckhoven and Janie van der Heijden were less than enthusiastic. Rudo's baked goods were too sweet, Susan's too spicy, and Aruna's too firm. Only Tim's choux meringue blend was unanimously appreciated.

The technical task then required preparing a chocolate tartlet in just seventy minutes. Here too, not everything went according to plan. With one the foam was too thin, and with the other the bottom was too thick, and it also turned out to be difficult to make a bird's nest out of chocolate. Rudo and Aruna finished at the bottom. In the end, Susan's cake turned out to be the best.

And finally, the scene: a national breakfast table, where bakers can choose a country themselves. Tim's Turkish Breakfast was so popular that Robert and Janie named him the Master Baker. Since Aruna received so many compliments on her Surinamese snacks, Rudo and Susan already sensed that a mood was brewing: one of them would likely be sent home. “I can't stand this,” Rudo sighed. Unfortunately he was right: he became the last dropout before the final. This means that Tim, Aruna and Susan have reached the final. “I'm very disappointed. I tried my best, I fought, but there was no way I could compete with the other three this weekend.

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You can watch the Heel Holland Bakt final next Sunday at around 8:30pm on NPO Channel 1.

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