Ex-Brazilian minister arrested for possible involvement in storming |  Abroad

Ex-Brazilian minister arrested for possible involvement in storming | Abroad

Former Brazilian justice minister Anderson Torres was arrested on Saturday for his possible involvement in last Sunday’s break-in. Torres was handcuffed at Brasilia airport when he returned from the United States.

Torres is the last justice minister to serve under former President Jair Bolsonaro. The Brazilian court had previously said that Torres should be arrested for his role in the storming of several government buildings.

The former minister visited the United States on Sunday when the parliament building, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, were stormed. A plot was suspected in the lead-up to the break-in. He also allegedly failed to do his job as head of security in Brasilia.

Plans were found at Torres’ home to call on Bolsonaro supporters to reverse the election results. Bolsonaro and his supporters argue that there was fraud in the election, which led to Luiz Inacio da Silva (Lula) winning the election. So far there is no evidence of any electoral fraud. Bolsonaro’s role in the storming was also discussed Research did.

The current Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino, had given Torres until Monday to return to Brazil, or he would ask the United States to extradite him.

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