Procedures were reviewed after the A380 incident

Procedures were reviewed after the A380 incident

Passengers on a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 were stuck in a “sauna” for eight hours due to a technical problem.

The plane, registered 9V-SKT, was scheduled to depart Shanghai last Wednesday afternoon at 4:50 pm local time on its way to Singapore. Once passengers had boarded, the A380 was pushed back by a rear-wheel drive truck. Then the giant plane headed towards the runway. However, during taxiing, the pilots noticed an unspecified technical defect. They decided to go back to the portal. The captain announced over the intercom that technicians would be boarding the plane and that the delay would last about half an hour.

Sauna on A380

However, that goal was not achieved. Half an hour later the A380 was still on the ground. Even after an hour, the problem was not resolved. Meanwhile, the cabin crew provided passengers with meals and drinks. The engines were started and stopped twice. Over time, the temperature in the A380 rose, just as had previously occurred due to the air conditioning failure on the Air Malta A320neo. Some passengers fainted, while the children began to cry. Some passengers even needed oxygen masks. At 00:30 local time, the passengers were still on board.

Get off after eight hours

Singapore Airlines later announced that the A380 flight had eventually been cancelled. “We recognize that passengers could have disembarked earlier. Singapore Airlines apologizes to the passengers affected and we will review procedures to prevent this from happening again,” the airline responded. Simple flying. When passengers arrived at the departure lounge, there were large queues outside the Singapore Airlines offices. However, the company has arranged hotel accommodation for the affected passengers. Some indicated that they did not reach their places of residence until around three in the morning. The A380 flew according to data from Aviation Radar24 Just two days later to Singapore as SQ9833. The giant aircraft resumed operations on the same day.

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