Ex-agent Robert Paiger arrested in Thailand investigating notorious Jang Van Nijvel case |  Abroad

Ex-agent Robert Paiger arrested in Thailand investigating notorious Jang Van Nijvel case | Abroad

Ex-agent Robert Biger (71) has been arrested in Thailand on suspicion of involvement in the notorious Gang Van Nigel gang. A Belgian justice is searching his home in the Thai seaside resort of Pattaya, hoping to find evidence that could link Beijer to the ultra-violent gang from the 1980s.

During a home search, Thai authorities concluded that Beijer was staying in the country illegally. Then he was arrested. This is great because the Belgian has been living in the country for quite some time.

The name Robert Beijer, alias “Bob”, appears for some time in the case of Bende van Nijvel. The gang committed a series of violent robberies and supermarket robberies in the 1980s that left 28 people dead. The perpetrators were never found, and their motives behind the robberies, which usually did not result in a large sum of money, were never made clear.

Beijer was arrested and interrogated several times, but successfully passed a polygraph test. Beijer was never charged due to lack of evidence. The Belgian has always denied having anything to do with Bende van Nijvel.

The former agent in the Security and Investigation Brigade, BOB, worked with colleague Madani Buhoush. In 1983, he joined, along with his colleague, Madani Bouhoush, the Crimes Department. The Beijer-Bouhouche debuted as a crime duo in the 1980s. Bigger was convicted in 1989 of killing Lebanese diamond dealer Ali Suleiman in Antwerp and fled to Pattaya. In 1991 Thailand handed it over to Belgium.

Bigger and Bouhouche were found guilty in February 1995. Bigger was sentenced to fourteen years in prison, and Bouhouche twenty years hard labor. After eight years in prison, Bigger was released early and returned to Thailand. Bouhouche died on November 22, 2005 in the garden of his home in the French Pyrenees. He was crushed by a tree he wanted to cut down.

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The duo has been mentioned a lot in recent years as members of Bende van Nijvel. The crimes committed by the criminal gang left a total of 28 dead and more than 40 injured. Belgium was particularly shocked by the bloody robberies of the Delhaize supermarket chain.

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