British police must check their staff after an officer raped 24 women | Abroad

Britain’s Home Office said on Wednesday that all police departments in the United Kingdom must check their officers and other staff on national police databases. It comes after British agent David Carrick pleaded guilty to 49 offenses against 12 women on Monday.

The Home Office reported that police personnel must now be screened “so that anyone who has slipped through the network is noticed”. People who do not belong to the force will be expelled.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said police reforms are coming so that misbehaving officers have “nowhere to hide”. He says he wants to prevent new issues such as “vile abuse of power” by Carrick from occurring. Of the 49 crimes he committed, 24 were rapes of different women.

“The police must address the shortcomings in this file and work to restore public confidence. The police must ensure the safety of women and girls,” Sunak stresses. The government will do everything it can to “eradicate” misogynistic behavior from the police. Carrick has been described by the British media as one of the country’s worst serial rapists ever.

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