EvdWL on ondergang E3, previous day scam and technical nudity

EvdWL on ondergang E3, previous day scam and technical nudity

This talk show is made possible by MSI. All opinions expressed in this video are our own. MSI has no say in the content, and just like you, we’re watching the video for the first time here on the site.

This is a special edition of Weekend Live. Not just because he’s so funny this time. Thanks to Twitch, among other things. Due to the Dutch Stream Awards airing (tonight at 8:00pm on our channel), we’ve already taped the talk show on Thursday. Of course, we wouldn’t go into the weekend without presenting a new version of EvdWL. The talk show in which we discuss with you the most important and controversial news related to the game in the past few days. This time with hosts Gilly and JJ behind the desk. As we mentioned, we have an entertaining episode ready for you. The two talk about, among other things, the closing portion of E3, the scam called “The Day Before,” the mystery surrounding Hideo Kojima’s OD trailer, Steam Deck Oled sniffing and artistic nudity on Twitch. You’ll see and hear all this and more in the weekend’s live broadcast on Friday, December 15, 2023.

It’s the day before to scam and win Steam Deck Oled with UPP

This edition is very diverse. From serious topics like the decision to shut down E3 and the debacle called “The Day After,” to silly fun around Twitch to cool promotions like the chance to win a Steam Deck Oled today if you score a protein or creatine pack at UPP.store with a discount code DSA2023. But that’s also how it should be when Christmas approaches.

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Get €700 discount on MSI Raider GE68 laptop

MSI has really gotten into the Christmas spirit with the Raider GE68 HX gaming laptop. At Bol.com you can get a discount of at least 700 euros if you buy this thick laptop with Intel i9 processor, RTX 4070 and QHD 240Hz display. You can do other Christmas things with the 700 snowflakes. You will find a link to the offer and specifications here.

Channel your inner fan at Premium Awards 2023

The year 2023 is almost over. This means there’s a lot of great content on the site, like end-of-year interviews, and also our annual Premium Awards. What are the best games of 2023 according to the Gamekings community? To find out, you can from now on here To vote. do it! Just unleash the fan inside you. You can see the results live on Friday, December 22 in the Big Christmas Stream.

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